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Other Urban campaigns from South Asia that we learn from as well as collaborate and network with.


As a pedagogical experiment in thinking about a southern city and the urban through a creative and critical lens, the KUL's mission is to nurture and develop ideas to enable explorations and connections between reasearch, teaching, public policy dialogue and advocacy.

The forthcoming Development Plan (2014–2034) is a powerful policy instrument. It has the potential to deepen injustices and inequalities in our grossly unequal cities. But it also has the ability to recognize and empower all city dwellers and allow us to participate meaningfully in the planning of our city and its future.

In Mumbai, the process and formulation of the DP every twenty years is mandated under the Maharashtra Regional & Town Planning Act. While Mumbai’s last DP was drafted in 1981, it was sanctioned in 1993. The city’s third DP (2014 -2034) has been under revision since 2011.

Hamara Shehar Mumbai Abhiyaan (Our City Development Plan Campaign, Mumbai) is a city-wide campaign comprised of communities, people’s movements, academic institutions, NGOs, community-based organizations, and activists. There are nearly 60 such organizations actively involved in the campaign. We aim to advance a collective vision and renew a collective ethos for our shared city. We seek to sustain the process of broad and meaningful participation in how urban planning and governance in Mumbai impacts our lives and our city.

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